0-impact built environment

The main focus is to provide a clear and honest picture of sustainability and resource-performance of buildings and built environments, as a basis to make decisions on design and investments, within the conditions set by local climates and cultures. In research and projects over the years many new insights have been developed in how to create real reduction in impacts from resource use, in energy as well as in materials, water and land management. Both the Global and local circumstances are taken into account, leading to creative and innovative solutions. These are translated into a practical built environment approach: as guidelines, project briefs , key performance indicators.

The knowledge is spread via publications, public lectures, workshops and invited presentations, nationally and internationally, for a broad variety of stakeholders and institutions.

The project related  activities cover a large variety in the whole spectrum of sustainable development:  Developing assessments  based on  resource management, defining the terms of reference for a building project or Urban development , as well as  product development in bamboo construction  and concepts for  sustainable community development.

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