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Nieuw boek : Post Fossiel Leven , zie hieronder. 


looking for : food for thought, opening minds, or consequences of our energy and resource use ?


In depth and interactive exploring a zero impact built environment, circularity, closing cycles.


advising, exploring and defining sustainable projects goals, climate neutrality,

Latest News

Interview in NRC newspaper

Just a few weeks ago I was interviewed by Paul Luttikhuis for the national Newspaper NRC. He creatively ‘summarized’ my book ( People vs Resources) into 6 limitations and discussed[…]

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News updates

1 podcasts: Thomas van Belzen , from the newspaper Cobouw, regularly produces a podcast, discussing latest developments regarding building and construction. I featured a a guest in two of these:[…]

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Leaflet: Embodied Land

The foundation “conscious soil use” , on initiative of Jos Verheul, published a leaflet describing the role of land in closing resource cycles, based on my work on Embodied Land.[…]

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New in bookshop: Post Fossiel Leven (Dutch)

Leven van land en zon, ofwel ruimte tijd als maat voor waarde

how to create a 0-impact built environment

Thats the central question with RiBuilT, Research Institute Built environment of Tomorrow.
Find out more on how this can contribute to your research or building project.

RiBuilT activities

public interest

a few examples of the interest in the activities from the past year. A complete overview in the News section under : “in the News”

(video) Interview on ‘circular’

I was interviewed about 0-impact , circular and closing cycles in support of the “circular design certificate program” by the TU/E(English): 

journal Paper CO2 budget

There is a maximum budget of CO2 emissions before we cross the 1,5 or 2 degree climate heating limit. the paper explores how to distribute this budget for the built environment. 

interview: land is our capital

Happy to announce that I was invited to become a ‘Soil Ambassador’. In the interview I put forward Land as the real capital, its where solar energy is converted  in useful resources for mankind: energy, food, materials , (interview in Dutch)

Other information channels

together with collegues from Europe, we explore the consequences of the limited CO2 budgets under the 1,5 and 2 degree scenario

buildings carbon budgets

maximising exergy in the system is the most optimal way to deal with resources. MAXergy is the methodology for this, with Embodied Land as real value.


I report regularly on new insights , findings and dicsussions om my blog pages, in Dutch and in English.

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