Sustainable TOR workshop

0-impact built environment

What is energy neutral, and what are measures to establish that? What is climate neutral , Carbon neutral, and so on? And what has to be done if your buildings stock, organization wants to be that in 2030, or even 2025? what are the consequences, what has to be done. and how high will you set the ambitions?


These are the question explored in a interactive workshop, targets will be defined , strategies designed and ambitions set. The results is good insight what in fact is aimed for by your organization or city, and a documented list of ambition levels, as guidance for the transition process .  The Sustainable Terms Of Reference.

For a building, a building stock, or a city.

It can be done in a one day workshop, or in  a more elaborated version, in which data are collected and gathered beforehand, to have even more concrete discussions.

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PROJECT EXAMPLE: climate neutral building retrofit

Developing concepts for climate-neutral retrofit of educational buildings. Climate neutral consists of energy neutral or ZEB, plus process energy in materials. Which creates a very big challenge to bring both to 0, in time. This client offers the possibility to explore a practical approach. I did write in more detail about this process in my blog:

In the end it has resulted in a clear scheme of what to aim for in what (resource/building) area, and by when it should be established  (confidential)