MAXergy & Embodied Land

0-impact built environment

maxergy logo1MAXergy,  a Closing Cycles Calculation tool,

based on Embodied Land:  a short introduction

My quest is to find a way to evaluate energy and materials together, in one indicator, without weighting factors or other subjective combinations or indirect end of pipe effects.: As such I developed the MAXergy approach: maximum exergy in a system, or a mass-energy optimisation. Its a space time relation for mass and energy together , driven by Solar energy, and the indicator is Embodied Land: The land and the yield on the basis of solar energy, to supply or compensate the use of resources. In ha-year. And the conversion routes are the limiting factors, as well as the Human knowledge of conversion systems.

This approach can be applied to evaluate products or buildings, and their impact on the worlds resource potential ( Resources will not deplete, energy nor mass, , but the energy ( work) needed to collect resources in a human useful combination is limited) . As well as evaluate existing systems ( a urban environment for instance) and see how far beyond its borders the impact reaches, or how the system ( the functions delivered in it) has to be adapted to fit within its own borders.

Its ultimately all about closed cycles, the ones that are not closed die out, stop running or flowing.

We have to go with the flow,its all about functions delivered ( no products but the service we want) and the max resources available in a constant flow( cyclic) : functions follow physics. Thats all there is .

See a Poster in the Download section for a short overview of Maxergy and Embodied Land.

There is a website with all information on MAXergy:


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