With Bamboo best chances for sust. Building

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With Bamboo best chances for sust. Building

Today I was part of the committee questioning Edwin Zea Escamilla, who defended his doctoral thesis at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, with prof. Guillaume Habert. The topic was to develop a simplified LCA approach, for construction materials and buildings. But for use outside the EU context: and outside EU, lack of data and geographical information is a main issue.


He worked his way through, very creative, among others with data from the Red Cross, on experiences with post disaster (temporal) shelters in 20 different regions. And he also evaluated these shelters for their resilience for new threats like storm and earthquake. Besides methodological findings and discussions, the interesting thing is that one of the results , project wise, can be summarized as : “sustainable solution can be created with most materials, but of all materials bamboo gives the best chance of having a sustainable building”. Since the bandwidth between good and less good is very small, while for other materials , only the optimal solution is in range with bamboo, most are however way behind that.

His final thesis will be published in spring, but some papers, like on the disaster shelter, can be found in researchgate 

( Building and environment, 92 (2015).