Video pres.: sustainable built environment

0-impact built environment

Video pres.: sustainable built environment

Some time ago I was invited to present on a national conference about sustainable urban area development, by Urgenda.dgo presentatie 2

The video of that presentation is still on line, and can be found in the link below. The slides are not visible, but can be downloaded in the second link, to open parallel to the video. The presentation however is in Dutch. And I should mark here as well, 2,5  years later,, that some of the initiatives mentioned in the end discussion have been delayed or canceled. Transition remains a difficult process with many interests conflicting. On the other side, a large national project has started to retrofit houses for 0-energy ( in the social housing sector , see the paper below) and a biobased material strategy is gaining ground .

link PPT:  dgo dordrecht rorovers 200613 pdf 2

linkpaper BRI journal:’Renovation_trains’_for_mass_housing

see for the research on the 0-impact district the docs in Dutch and English here