“Transition Zero” SBE16conference

0-impact built environment

“Transition Zero” SBE16conference

utr Transition Zero

Large-scale NET-Zero Refurbishment , or :

Mass renovation of the building stock for 0-energy performance, is the focus of the International conference in Utrecht from 6-8 April 2016. The conference, entitled Transition Zero is organised as a joint initiative of 6 Universities/Professors of applied science in the Netherlands, and Hosted by Utrecht University of applied science. The conference is part of a international series of conferences, SB16, supported by CIB, iiSBE, UNEP-SBCI and Fidic.

Beside a scientific paper part the conference will have a series of practical workshops with industry, following the Dutch programme Energiesprong/Stroomversnelling, in which 100.000 houses will be renovated/retrofit ted , with a new conceptual approach: 1 or 2 days retrofit, in inhabited situation, with prefab elements for facades and roof. Known as energy-invoice-less houses, or zero-on-the-meter houses ( ‘nulopdemeter’ is the dutch verb) The Horizon 2020 project ‘More-connect’, dealing with guidelines and technology development for large scale prefab renovation supports the conference and will also hold a parallel event. http://www.more-connect.eu/2015/05/renovation-of-a-residential-building-to-zero-energy/

Follow the Website for more information and dates: http://www.onderzoek.hu.nl/Evenementen/Zero-Transition-SBE16-Conference


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