renovation in Ireland & England

0-impact built environment

renovation in Ireland & England

 Ireland- May 21 there is a green building network meeting in Dublin. Main topic is mass renovation, and how the Irish can build a national program for this. I will particpate in the forum on mass renovation for 0-energy, and hope to have some fruitful contacts from it , to further develop implementation of 0-energy retrofits . More on


England- June 2 and 3 there is a 2 day event in London, Olympia, under the name : Vision, the future of the built environment. Lots of meetings and workshops, and one is dedicated to “Innovation in architecture and design”, under chairmanship by Chris Jofeh, Arup, London. In the part about innovative retrofit, I am invited to present  the Dutch experiences, and discuss the ideas for a National program in England. More info :