COP22 : CO2 budgets and buildings

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COP22 : CO2 budgets and buildings

The past week I could participate in COP22 during Buildings Day, with a presentation on the consequences of the Paris agreement for the buildings and the building sector. We have a maximum budget of 800 GT CO2 that can be emitted before the 2 degree threshold is passed, and what should the building sector do as fair share ( Around 40 % of CO2 emissions is built environment related) .

A few months ago I started to explore this issue and asked two colleagues from Germany and Switzerland to join, this study: Guillaume Habert from ETH Zurich and Thomas Luetzkendorf from KIT Karlsruhe. We intend to publish the final results of this study next months , under the umbrella of iiSBE, and invite other academic colleagues to make a same exploration form different angles. The seminar in which I presented was organized by Iresen, the Moroccan renewable energy research centre. They have a brand new huge research facility just outside Marrakesh. They intend to complement this with a large green building research center the next years ( and organize the first African Solar decathlon). Morocco is really serious about renewable energy and climate change, and has shown major steps forward past years.

The report will be announced here later this year as well.