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0-impact built environment

blog: after the climate conference…

New blog : In two weeks , in Paris , there is COP21, the Climate-conference. (this has been published as a column  in Dutch in the buildings sector newspaper Cobouw, see the Dutch version here.)  English version here  


Eco (-modernism) bla bla

A new blog has been posted on ecomodernism . The blog has moved to this page.


From EP to EEP

A new blog has been uploaded, entitled: From energy performance (EP) to embodied energy performance (EEP) (picture: low materials impact  facade renovation) see the blog page


Why we will crash at some moment

New blog has been uploaded ,  entitled: Why we wil crash ,  starting with Dutch earthquackes …. See the blog page


Near(?) 0-energy buildings

New blog has been uploaded ,  entitled: The definition of near 0-energy buildings, a short treatise on the EU directive on 0-energy buildings  (EPBD recast 2010) see the Blog page