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Books and reviews

SBSClogo-klNow and then I add to the website a review of a book I read. I make some notes anyway and why not share these. A new one has been added. Some books however are available online, in a complete form for free download.

As and example the famous book: “Without the hot air” , by David MacKay . In a very practical way he looks to all options for a renewable energy based society, and calculates what exactly they can contribute. Lots of data, and handy indicators, with some eyeopeners. Download at:

The other one is dealing with materials, Which is mostly the forgotten impact in the energy equation. The UK has funded a few very focused research institutes in the climate change policy, and one of these has focused on materials, and published a book on their findings: “With both eyes open” . (by the way, sustainablematerials dont exist…) A review is under the book review section, but you can download it here: